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Parabolic- Comfort:
The parabolic sole is designed to provide the user with additional comfort. The additional thickness of the PU midsole gives super comfort, but the addition of the parabolic curve in the sole, adds more comfort and spring when the parabolic curve absorbs the pressure of the weight of the person.
Additional comfort is also experienced by the deep cleats and air movement channels preventing heat dissipating into the footwear through the sole, where a slight movement of the body weight causes the parabolic sole to move air through the channels.
Good “ladder grips” allows the footwear to be used in practical applications as well, as having an extra wide / extra high toecap.

Maxeco – General use:
Being entry level footwear the Maxeco sole unit is designed around general use and applications, and has the added features of a built in arch support, for the long hours on your feet.
A large percentage of “surface contact” area which also affords the footwear superior slip resistance, as well as geometrically designed “tread pattern” to move water under the footwear in wet conditions.
The footwear also suits SA conditions with an extra wide toecap.

Apollo – Slip resistance:
The Apollo sole unit, is specifically designed for maximum slip resistance safety. This sole unit design has maximum surface contact, as well as square cleat edges, and flow lines in the cleat design to take advantage of any surface area, to maximize the slip resistance effect.
The footwear also suits SA conditions with an extra wide toecap.

Raptor – Torsion Control:
This innovative and ground breaking sole construction has a TPU plate designed around the pressure points exerted on the arch of the foot, and the resultant strain placed on the ankle muscles, to give maximum support in instances when the ankle could be twisted or sprained.
The footwear also suits SA conditions with an extra wide toecap, and good slip resistance.