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Alex has been using Lemaitre Maxeco Tan for the better part of 22 years in his butchery. Alex uses his Maxeco’s for almost everything as it is his most comfortable pair of shoes. He is an avid Go-cart racer and his Maxeco’s is his footwear of choice for the races. He has been overseas numerous times with them and it doubles up as his “walking boots” whether he is in Italy, the USA or Spain. His current pair of Maxeco is six years old and still going strong

Dear friend of Coega Door of Hope

We would like to thank you for your interest welfare of our children all these years. We rely tremendously on the generosity of others and we are very grateful for this kindness shown to us. We are so elated to find that the people in our community who care for the welfare of others

During this year we have experienced again on-going financial difficulties in providing for the primary needs of the children (food, medicine, clothes, and stationery). For this reason, we’ve decided to continue on saving for school fees. Rather, we would like to make you aware of our most felt needs. Would you perhaps consider putting money allocated towards school fees and uniform (summer and winter uniform).

We believe it would better help the children (in the long run) to have the security of their primary needs met, to be able to attend school regularly and for them to be able live in a comfortable functional environment.

Thank you once again for your concern and desire to support our children at Coega Door of Hope. We sincerely appreciate your kindness and trust that we have sufficiently communicated our current situation. Your on-going support is invaluable. May the Lord God enlarge your territory.

Please feel free to contact us at 078 440 4515 / 041 818 6827 or email us at doorofhopepe1@gmail.com for detailed information on how you can make one of our wishes come true.

Hoping to hear from you soon and may God bless you richly.

Warm Regards

Mama Gladys Panda and the children

Dear Silvana,

On behalf of the staff and students of the Ray Mhlaba Centre we would like to thank Bagshaw Footwear for your wonderful donation of Safety Shoes to our Hospitality Training Program Students. The safety shoes form part of the required chef’s uniform for the practical components of their NQF Level 4 Professional Cookery Study Program.

We were so overwhelmed and delighted to receive such a wonderful and valuable donation. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and has given our students such a boost in confidence, enabling them to look and feel professional in their uniform, this encouraging them to work hard and maintan focus on thier program to obtain their qualification which will assit them in their quest for a successful future.

The Eastern Province Child & Youth Care Centre is a Non-Profit Organisation which was established in 1889. This residential facility/home has been in successful operation for 125 years to house children between the ages of 3 to 18 years. All children are from multicultural backgrounds and have been placed into the care of the EP Child & Youth Care Centre by the children’s court. The EP Child & Youth Care Centre and The Ray Mhlaba Skills Training Centre is built on the three pillars: LOVE, CARE & HOPE.

The Ray Mhlaba Skills Training Centre is an extension program of the EP Child & Youth Care Centre and was named after the first Premier of the Eastern Cape Province, Mr Ray Mhlaba. We offer skills training to youth between the ages of 18-25, who come from children’s homes, have lost one or both parents, who live in households with no formal income and/or come from child-headed households. Upon completion of our training programs we endeavour to assist in obtaining employment for our students. Over the past nine years we have successfully trained 790 students of which 80% have gained meaningful employment either in the formal employment sector or as entrepreneurs.

Our History

The Eastern Province Child & Youth Care is a registered welfare organisation. In line with the transformation of child welfare, focus has moved from the permanent residence of children to short term care via strategically developed social intervention programs. This is to ensure optimal empowerment of the children. In 2006 the centre was launched to expand the role of the EP Child & Youth Care Centre in creating an independently run Skills Training Centre to focus on skills development and social intervention of underprivileged youth. We were honoured to have been granted permission to name the Centre after Mr Ray Mhlaba, we are now referred to in the community as the Ray Mhlaba Skills Training Centre.

We are not a government funded organisation therefore we rely solely on the support and generosity of private donors to continue operating as a successful Training Centre. To date we have raised a remarkable R8 million for the construction of the centre, training workshops, Coffee Shop and Conferencing Venue, along with the equipment, facilitation and accreditation to create and maintain our training programs.

We offer SETA Accredited Training Programs in Woodwork and Upholstery, Hospitality Studies, Hairdressing, Early Childhood Development Training and HIV Aids & Palliative Care Training. We also offer Entrepreneurial Training Programs in Needlework and Crafts and Bakery Training. As an accompaniment to all of our training programs we offer Life Skills programs and Computer programs.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer deprived, underprivileged, vulnerable and displaced youth in society the opportunity they deserve to further their education and allow them to be granted the same opportunities in life as others more fortunate; To offer them skills in a variety of employment sectors that will equip them for life and enable them to progress to accomplish a successful future.

Our Aim and Objectives

Our aim is to reduce poverty and unemployment by providing skills training programs to those outside the formal education system, enabling them gain a valuable qualification that will assist them in securing formal employment or becoming self-employed. We also offer assistance in obtaining viable solutions to assist students in addressing social challenges.


To assist in the Governments financial obligation to reduce poverty and unemployment. To provide skills to youth outside of the formal education system and to grant them with equal opportunities when entering the employment sector. To offer a social intervention program to students enabling them to produce saleable articles. To provide services to the public to generate an income to assist with the funding of operating costs of the Centre. To designate a display area for products completed by the students.

Target Groups

Youth residing in children’s homes who are unable to cope with mainstream education. Orphans due to HIV Aids and other circumstances and Youth from child headed households. Unemployed youth from disadvantaged communities Physically handicapped youth from disadvantaged backgrounds

Once again thank you Bagshaw Footwear for your support and contribution to the Ray Mhlaba Centre. It is people like you who are helping to make a difference in the future of our youth.

If you require any further information or have any enquires please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warm Regards, Caroline

Thank you to each employee that contributes to the charity fund.

This year we were able to assist 2 schools.

• Westville Senior Secondary School – we bought them paint and material to fix the ceilings in the class rooms.

• Arcadia Primary School – we bought them a projector and glass panes, to fix the many broken windows in the class rooms.

Thank you

Tracy Bentz Human Resources

26 September 2014

The Shu! launch in the Free State was met with great expectation and excitement! Distributors and end-users alike were blown away with the cutting edge new design and fresh new option for ladies in the field!

I had no less than 30 people attending the launch who got treated to fresh Italian coffee and scrumptious snacks at an aptly named “Iewers Nice” in Bloemfontein.

All ladies were treated to a gift pack that included funky and freshly branded Shu! paraphernalia. Needless to say, they loved the nail files and scarves a lot!

I personally feel that Shu! is an exciting new product and I cannot wait for its immanent success in the market place!

Communities On Show was initiated in 2002 by the Italian Sporting Club in Port Elizabeth, with the aim of promoting the various communities in Port Elizabeth that make up part of our Rainbow Nation and to help a different chosen Charity Organization each year with part of the funds raised.

As part of this initiative, Bagshaw Footwear were proud to sponsor the T-shirts (pictured here) for the 5-a-side soccer team entered by Scotland in the festival. Team Manager, J.W. Lennox added that “Scotland was by far the best dressed team and had a lot of support, including the Caledonian Pipe Band”

2002 showcased Italy, Scotland, France, England, Portugal, Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Israel, Cyprus and South Africa.

The event consisted of food stalls selling traditional food of their Country and also presenting cultural items such as Traditional Dancing, Music, Displays etc. and a Five a side Soccer World Cup Tournament which appeared to be very popular and well supported.

The 2002 event took place at the Italian Sporting Club and thereafter each year it is hosted by a different community, growing from strength to strength with new items being incorporated each.

In 2010 it came back to the Italian Club where we incorporated the “GIRO DELLA BAIA” (Tour of the Bay) Cycle Tour. This was also a very popular and well supported.

In 2013 it was hosted by the Greek Community.

This project was initially started 12 years ago by raising funds from selling footwear donated by Bagshaw Footwear.

For the past 12 years we have managed to feed 350 previously disadvantaged children in a very poor area who would otherwise have no means to be fed, or feed themselves. Through this program, each child receives a hot meal every Tuesday and Thursday, with sandwiches on Friday.

This is truly a rewarding experience for us to be able to give back wherever possible, and in whatever way we can to assist the upliftment if the disadvantaged communities and help feed children who may otherwise be forced to turn to crime just to be able to survive.

Patsy Wagner from Anti Animal Cruelty Leaque picked up 31 kids from Helenvale and brought them to the outreachers for some tender loving care and to experience the unconditional love shared by the animals.

As an added bonus, Drama teacher and animal activist, Linda Louise Swain, along with her pupils from Pearson high school put on a brilliant show for the kids.

With exciting Party packs, ice cold drinks, sweets and a chance to feed all the animals resulted in a wonderful, rewarding and uplifting day.

As an added bonus, Bagshaw Footwear were tremendously grateful to have the opportunity to donate a new pair of shoes to each of the children, who would otherwise barely ever have the opportunity to have a new pair of shoes of their own.

Many more of these animal workshops are going to be held so that children can experience a day out, as well as have the chance to learn about the unconditional love of animals and how they needn’t ever be harmed for any reason.

It’s a truly wonderful project that benefits both the children and the Animal Anti Cruelty league in a number of ways and we are tremendously proud to be a part of this venture.

Totally Concrete Sandton

The Totally Concrete 2013 expo took place in the suburb of Sandton, in Johannesburg. It was generally agreed that this was a well-organized event, with a very high standard throughout. It was well attended by a large number of members from a variety of esteemed companies throughout South Africa.

Totally Concrete Expo is Africa’s biggest gathering of qualified buyers and sellers for the concrete and construction industry.

With over 130 speakers from 30 countries, 3 pre-conference seminars, 3 high- level conference tracks, over 600 C-level delegates, over 6000 visitors and a uniquely interactive exhibition, the Totally Concrete Expo 2014 guarantees you extended access across Africa to the entire concrete ecosystem from concrete technologist to consulting engineer.

Trans Africa Expo

2013 also saw the inception of the Trans Africa Expo, which was attended by representatives from Bagshaw Footwear, as well as North Safety.

The event unites all sectors of the transport industry during Transport Month to explore development and investment opportunities within the Sub-Saharan transport sector as a force to drive growth within the region.

Mozambique Tete Expo

Mining industry professionals from all over the world attend this event in Mozambique, and get an opportunity to adopt the latest trends and techniques which will help in the improvement of this sector. Business strategies which will help in the growth of mining are discussed by the industry professionals attending this expo.

Mte Exhibition Tete highlights the importance and value of innovative products and services related to mining industry