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A last is the solid form around which a shoe/boot is moulded.
The shoe last must represent the anatomical information of the foot, at the same time giving the finished product a pleasing appearance.
Many styles of shoes/boots can be made on the same last which means that the toe shape will be the same for each pair.
Our lasts have a generous girth measurement which gives our footwear a comfortable wide fitting. All our lasts are assessed ensuring it conforms to prescribed standards regarding length and width so as to fit the average person’s foot.


All our footwear is manufactured from genuine leather. Uppers are made mainly from Buffalo. Leather is a natural product and therefore not flawless which gives it its aesthetic appeal. This also means exposure to excessive heat and wet conditions will shorten the life span of the footwear.
Being a natural product great care should be taken to keep footwear in a good condition. Keep footwear in a well ventilated, open room and regularly apply a good quality wax polish.


Synthetics are mainly used in the lining or our Footwear. Two kinds of linings are found in a shoe/boot, namely Non-woven and Ferrabelle/Comfortline. Non-Woven, which is used in the front part of the shoe, provides moisture management and allows perspiration to be drawn away from your foot. Non-woven and stitch bonded linings are an abrasion resistant fabric laminated to foam for comfort and breathability.


Raptor sole unit:

About the Raptor Sole Unit:

This innovative and ground breaking sole construction has thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plate designed around the pressure points exerted on the arch of the foot. The TPU plate also gives maximum support to the ankle muscles in instances when the ankle could be twisted or sprained. The footwear, with an extra wide toecap suits SA conditions.

Our products that use the Raptor sole unit: Hawk, Eagle, Falcon, Vulture, Kite, Owl, Condor, Hercules

Apollo sole unit:

About the Apollo Sole Unit:

The Apollo sole unit is specifically designed for maximum slip resistance. This sole unit is designed to provide maximum surface contact, and the square cleat edges and flow line in the cleat design can traverse any surface area to maximise the slip resistance effect. The footwear, with a wide toecap suits SA conditions.

Our products that use the Apollo sole unit: NTC Clog, Striker, Security boot NTC, Sport, Limpopo, Team, Galaxy

Parabolic Sole Unit:

About the Parabolic Sole unit:

The parabolic sole unit is designed to provide the user with extra comfort. The thickness of the polyurethane (PU) midsole ensures excellent comfort, while the parabolic curve in the sole adds “spring” by absorbing the pressure of the person’s mass. Discomfort is eliminated by the deep cleats and the air movement channels prevent heat dissipating into the footwear through the sole. A slight shift in the body weight causes the parabolic sole to move air through the channels. Good “ladder grips” allow practical use of the footwear. The footwear, with an extra wide and extra high toecap suits SA conditions.

Our products that use the Parabolic Sole unit: Odyssey, Nomad, Quest, Explorer, Hunter, Outenique, Maluti

Maxeco Sole Unit:

About the Maxeco Sole Range:

The Maxeco sole unit is designed for general use and applications, and has the added feature of built-in arch support for long hours on your feet. A large percentage of “surface contact” areas offers superior resistance, with a geometrically designed “tread pattern” to displace water under the footwear in wet conditions. The footwear, with a wide toecap suits SA conditions.

Our products that use the Maxeco sole unit: Eros, Maxeco, Turtle, Robust, Zeus, Chainsaw