Whilst on Outreaches in the Townships, Informal Settlements and Squatter
Camps where we attend to the dipping, deworming and sterilisation of
animals, we more often than not encounter extremely poor people who are
usually barefoot.

They have to walk for kilometres on dirt roads, stones and mud in all sorts of
weather – the blazing hot sun or the freezing cold, wind and rain. Most of us
have been fortunate enough not to have experienced the hardships of the
Townships and most of us own more than one pair of shoes.

The residents of the Townships, Informal Settlements and Squatter Camps
struggle to feed themselves and their families so purchasing shoes would be a
sheer luxury and certainly not within their meagre budget. They have to
travel long distances to get to work, school, fetching water and seeking
medical treatment for themselves and their families. The fact that they have
to walk barefoot means that they run the risk of contracting preventable
diseases and infections.

Thanks to a generous donation of 150 pairs of shoes from Bagshaws our field
workers were able to gladden the hearts of the impoverished barefooted
residents who live in Paterson, Kirkwood, Addo, Mission Road and the St
Albans Sawmill areas by handing out the shoes which were sincerely
appreciated. Thank you so much, Bagshaws, for making a difference in their

The Animal Outreaches Team


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