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When considering our own identity as a company, we have a proud heritage to study. As footwear manufacturers for over 140 years, we have some big shoes to fill in living up to the legacy of our founders.

As a company, we are not content to define ourselves as ‘the leading’ footwear manufacturer in South Africa. Such a claim would be conceited; instead we have relied on the perspective of being a market driven company which earns its every success. This instils confidence throughout the company and ensures we do not lose sight of our identity. That confidence runs through every aspect of the company, our employees, our brands, our products, and our strategies. Our goal is to remain a sustainable success, knowing that such an accolade comes only through hard work, focus, perseverance, and a touch of luck.

We have gained trust and respect within the market and are keenly aware that these are things that can be swiftly lost, so we take these responsibilities seriously. We take pride in our reputation for acting fairly, ethically, and within the laws of the country wherever we do business, be it with customers or suppliers. The company’s reputation is built upon such core values, particularly honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices.

We consider ourselves professionals, and conduct ourselves accordingly. Employees are ambassadors for the company and its brands, and they seek to live up to that role both at work and in the public domain. We value our positive public reputation, and guard it by remaining conscientious. We have respect for our competitors but endeavour to not to give them an upper hand through poor judgment or fault of our own, and thus any discussion of opposition occurs in an objective and factual manner rather than a derisive one. With regard to customer confidentiality, Bagshaw respects and defends it as if it were our own.

Within the workplace, we carry ourselves with pride, and keep the company’s best interests at heart. We are good custodians of any asset the company entrusts to us. Any expense incurred on behalf of the company is considered as if it was our own money being spent. We look to ourselves first when apportioning blame, and to others when apportioning praise. We have initiative, we are innovative, and we take a calculated approach with our work. However we remain human, and therefore we cannot aim for perfection, so rather, we strive for excellence in everything we do at every level within the company. Bagshaw’s success is forever tied to its team of employees, for it is they who have made a habit of achieving a consistent standard of excellence.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to remain a sustainable business which fairly rewards all our stakeholders, commensurate with their respective interests and contributions. This is to be achieved through meeting the needs of our markets with quality, value-for-money footwear and superior service.”

The market segment in which we execute our mission is the hardworking footwear segment where the application of footwear is protection, either to comply with legislation, or where the end users spend much of their working time on their feet.