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Bagshaw Footwear is the industrial division of Bolton Footwear (Pty) Ltd situated in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, which is also the heart of the South African motor manufacturing industry. Bagshaw’s coastal situation is an ideal vantage from which to conduct both its local and export business. Supported by a complex-in-house despatch facility and with the Port Elizabeth harbour on our doorstep, we are able to deliver our footwear to diverse destinations throughout the world. Bagshaw is a leading footwear manufacturer in South Africa and has seen a tremendous increase in its sales and production outputs over the last few years, as a result of an energetic and progressive introduction of the most advanced computerised and robotic machinery in the world. Linked to this, the employees at Bagshaw are as skilled and versatile as any found in South Africa and have a reputation of being Quality conscious in all aspects of their work.

We confirm our policy regarding our “guarantee” on our branded safety footwear. Because of the divergent nature of the work environment, it is impossible to issue a blanket, indefinite guarantee on safety footwear.

This sort of all encompassing guarantee would invite abuse from unscrupulous sectors. Naturally as an SABS manufacturer, Lemaitre accepts full responsibility for unprovoked footwear faults arising from material or manufacturing error. Our footwear is SABS mark bearing and manufactured to the Standard 20345.

Bagshaw Footwear strives for excellence in all spheres of marketing and manufacturing of double density polyurethane injected safety footwear and nitrile rubber stuck-on footwear. Excellent quality, customer service and state-of-the-art equipment contribute towards our standing as market leaders in Southern Africa.