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Bagshaw Footwear, a division of BFF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd, is based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, the heart of the South African motor manufacturing industry. Bagshaw’s coastal position is an ideal vantage point from which to conduct both local and export business. Supported by a complex in-house dispatch facility, and with the Port Elizabeth harbour in such close proximity, we are able to deliver our safety footwear to diverse destinations throughout the world. Bagshaw Footwear is positioned as a respected footwear manufacturer in South Africa and has seen a tremendous increase in sales and production in recent years. This is made possible by the progressive introduction of cutting edge computerised and robotic machinery, as well as the employees at Bagshaw Footwear, who are as skilled as any found in the country, and have a reputation of being quality conscious and customer focussed in all aspects of their work.

The Bagshaw Brand

Bagshaw Footwear strives for, and consistently achieves, excellence in the manufacturing and marketing of Double Density Polyurethane Injected Safety Footwear and Nitrile Rubber Stuck-on Footwear. Exceptional quality, strong customer relations, and technologically advanced equipment all contribute towards our standing as market leaders in the safety footwear industry of South Africa.

History of Bagshaw

The origin of Bagshaw Footwear dates back to 1872 when William Bagshaw sought to transform the tanning and footwear industry in South Africa. He began as a skilled mason, but after reinventing himself as a master tanner, William Bagshaw steered the company from its humble beginnings to the successful, people-orientated Footwear company it is today. In that time we have expanded our knowledge base and gained the considerable industry foresight that comes with a century’s worth of experience. Through trusted techniques and business integrity, Bagshaw Footwear remains committed to crafting industrial safety footwear of the highest quality.

In 2015, the BFF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd was created in which Bagshaw Footwear was one of the key players. The merging and acquisition of Africa’s leading footwear brands into one group ensures continued improvement of quality, customer service and technical product leadership in the safety footwear industry.

Bagshaw Safety Footwear’s Lemaitre and Fuel brands are now available through BFF Safety Group, along with other recognised and trusted safety brands- Bova, Sisi, Frams, Wayne and Bronx Safety.

The Bagshaw Footwear Promise

Due to the divergent nature of the work environment, it is impossible to issue a blanket, indefinite guarantee on safety footwear. This all-encompassing guarantee would invite abuse from unscrupulous sectors. Bagshaw Footwear is an SABS manufacturer of the highest quality safety footwear, we accept full responsibility for unprovoked footwear faults arising from material or manufacturing error in our safety shoes.